Why think outside the box when you can build a better box?

Research is reborn every day at Phoenix. We’re well versed in traditional methods, but are always developing and applying new approaches and tools as well as the integration of these data with advanced analytic and modeling techniques. Why? So we can deliver faster, more disruptive insights to direct confident decision-making.

We’re thought-leaders, for your success.

We know our way around effective advertising, communications, branding and marketing strategies. Put our proven platforms, deep industry knowledge, custom analytics, and rich historical databases to work for you.

21st-century, integrated marketing metrics that help brand teams guide the development and measure the success of both their brand and their multi-media consumer marketing programs.

Ad Tracking

From concept on through storyboards, animatics, rough cuts, and full finish - executed with the most fitting quant, qual or online qual approach.

Creative & Copy Testing

A step-by-step research program, our detail aid development approach builds the brand's story from the ground up.

Brand Building & Tracking

Identify the pillars for success in your industry, and specifically for your brand.

Brand Health & Models

Market and industry-specific assessments of brand's ability to attract and retain the best employees.

Employer Brand

Understand the impact of all campaign media types and how to adjust for optimal performance.

Cross Media / Campaign Evaluation

Ad effectiveness testing built for media industry.

Media Ad Testing

Goes beyond click-through metrics to give clients comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of their interactive media and the impact of interactive campaigns on their brand health.

Digital Effectiveness

Provides detailed advertising performance metrics in a quick turn-around format.

Quick Turn Copy Test

Gather awareness and consideration lift measurement through the mobile engagement of key audiences at stand-alone events or at specific branded venues.

Sponsorship Studies

Simulates real life environment for direct mail creative, targeting and pre-launch effectiveness evaluation.

Direct Mail Testing

This methodology provides vital feedback on a sales detail by allowing the HCP to react to a mock sales visit through a simulation of the experience.

Detail Aid Testing

Want to increase your profits? Optimize your customer experience.

Your customers are one of your greatest assets, and the better their experiences are, the better your business results are. Let our team help you consistently deliver ideal customer experiences with confidence.

Technique Agnostic for Creative Flexibility

We innovate, so you can better understand your markets, competitors, prospects and customers. Utilizing proven research approaches and advanced analysis/modeling, we apply experience & creativity to best fit your unique situation.

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